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Q: Are the chlorine products stabilized?

A: Yes, all the chlorine based products are stabilized.   

Q: Why "Balance" your Pool?

A: A well balanced pool is easier to maintain, uses less chemicals and helps to prolong the life of your pool and equipment.   

Q: Why adjust the total Alkalinity?

A: If Alkalinity is too low it is difficult to maintain the correct pH, and if too high the pH can become fixed and also lead to scaling.   

Q: How soon can I go swimming after using shock?

A: We suggest waiting at least 6-8 hours, then test the water to make sure the chlorine level is below 5 ppm   

Q: Can I use Azure in my vinyl pool?

A: Your local Azure dealer would be able to help better assist you on this matter, but all the Azure chlorine products are safe for many different types of pools. Above/in ground, vinyl or plaster. However we DO NOT suggest you to use our products with a blow/pop-up pool or a pool that does not have a filter system without first consulting your Azure Pool Dealer.