Step 3 - Shock Treat Your Water

Step 3 - Shock Treat Your Pool

Follow the test schedule under the Pool Care section to determine when to test.

Use Azure Quick Dissolving Shock, or Multi-functional Chlorinating Granules weekly to Shock your Swimming Pool, and at the first signs of Algae, after heavy rainfall, or when your Swimming Pool has been used a lot.

Mother nature affects the purity and clarity of your pool water. Wind and rain dump dirt, pollen and insects into your sparkling pool and swimmers introduce problems of their own - suntan lotion, make-up, dirt and perspiration. These contaminants can cause unpleasant Chlorine odors, eye irritation and cloudy water as well as creating the ideal environment for bacteria and algae to thrive.

A Shock raises Chlorine levels (also known as Superchlorination) and breaks down the contaminants that cause unpleasant chlorine odors, eye irritation and cloudy water.

After use of any Azure Shock product make sure that the free available chlorine is below 3 ppm (parts per million) using a test kit or reagents before re-entry.